As Sole Instructor

Undergraduate Teaching

• Year-long introductory course at Boston College (5 years)

Topic: philosophy of human nature (from Egypt to Arendt)

• Semester-long, upper-division core course at Loyola Marymount University (6 semesters)

Topic: Ethics (focus on Aristotle, Kant, responses to each)

• Semester-long, introductory core course at LMU (4 semesters)

Topic: modes of inquiry in the history of philosophy, focused on problems of metaphysics and epistemology

Graduate Teaching

• Semester-long graduate course at LMU (once; M.A. students) – Topic: Freud and philosophy

• Semester-long reading group for M.A. students at LMU (twice)

Topics: philosophy of language and Freud's psychoanalysis; the negative and nothingness through Heidegger's career

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