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Assorted, from Heidegger's Gesamtausgabe (GA)

Disclaimer: These are not official translations, nor do I own the rights to the official

translations. Please do not cite them. These are my own working notes, which I

make public here solely for the sake of those who may not be familiar enough with

Heidegger's German to read the originals for themselves. None is a translation

of a complete volume of the GA; those volumes are available for purchase from

Vittorio Klostermann. Published translations are cited below, where available.

Not translated elsewhere, so far as I know:

•  GA 73 (2 vols.), Toward Thinking the Event [Zum Ereignis-Denken] (selections)

*N.B. This is an ongoing project; highlights mean I'm unhappy with the translation.

•  GA 74, Toward the Essence of Language [Zum Wesen der Sprache] (selections)

*N.B. Portions of this text include notes to myself in red, always enclosed in brackets.

•  "What Does Thinking Mean?" – not the lecture course in GA 8, but the essay "Was Heisst Denken?" from GA 7, Lectures and Essays


•  Identity and Difference, from GA 11 (includes a ton of Heidegger's marginalia, along with some supplements) – cp. English translations by Joan Stambaugh (Harper and Row, 1969) and (for the first part) by Andrew J. Mitchell, Insight Into That Which Is and Basic Principles of Thinking (Indiana University Press, 2012)

*N.B. There are a few interpretive notes to myself in red, always bracketed.

•  "Language in the Poetic Work: A Situating of Georg Trakl's Poetic Work," from GA 12, On the Way to Language – cp. English translation by Peter D. Hertz (Harper and Row, 1971)

*N.B. This one is full of bracketed notes to myself, so it's like reading a used book with someone else's marginalia. If you're not interested in that, I recommend Hertz's translation, which is available quite cheap. Unlike Identity and Difference, here there is only one marginal annotation added in the GA version that wasn't in the version Hertz translated, although I have included at the end my own translations of brief sections of other, related texts, and these do include more GA marginalia.

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